1. Why do you give more importance to the society than me?? 👂🏻👂🏻

1 question


2. Why do you let a complete stranger ( An astrologer)  decide my future??


3. Why do you teach me to be good and caring ever since childhood and ask me to be selfish in the latter part of my life ??


4. Why do you clap when a kid performs on Tv  👏🏻👏🏻 and slap if I wanted to do the same ??


5. Why do you never respect my genuinity and always believe the fake ?? 😞😞


6. Why do you make me believe that completing graduation is the biggest accomplishment in life when the actual life starts after that ?? 😓😓


7. Why am I always asked to be the next someone and not the first me ??


8. Why is my relative’s voice louder to you than mine ??🗣🗣


9. Why is that I never have the access to discuss to you what I feel about an opposite gender during my adolescence??


10.Why is that I have to wear a mask in front of ” YOU “, the person who revealed my true face to the world ??

New Baby


11.Why is that I’ve to spend so much time trying to convince you on my dream and end up failing most of the times ??


12. Why should I always manipulate, filter and share what I exactly feel at a moment ??


13. Why should I have to look around as to who’s watching, to hug a very dear friend of mine of the opposite gender?? Don’t you feel if I had any wrong intentions, I wouldn’t have the guts to hug them in public??



14. Why do I have to respect elders just for the sake of their age ??


15. Why do I have to always learn from your experience?? Shouldn’t I be having my own ??


16. Why should I be a puppet when I know that I’m a human with individual thoughts and brains ??


17. Why am I forced to marry at a certain age even though I don’t feel to ??


18. Why should I always try to impress you but not express myself?? Even in a haircut ??


19. Why should I sacrifice my love life all the time for your pride ?? Why not vice-versa ??


20. Why is ” Money ” the only talk in the house these days ??


21. Why do you teach boys not to cry for anything?? Don’t they have emotions??


22. Why do you judge a girl majorly based on her dressing?? Don’t they have a life ??


23. Why don’t you understand that I love you so much and that’s why I’m wanting to clarify all these things with you ??


24. Why don’t you understand that I’m wanting to be my real true self to you and I feel guilty when I’m fake ??

25. Why don’t you understand that wherever I go or whatever I do, I feel incomplete when you are not around to share it ??

26. Why don’t you understand that I’m your blood at the end of the day and I owe all my life to you ??

And finally,

27. Why don’t you understand that in this one life that I’m gonna live, I just wanna live with you happy and peaceful ❤️❤️


I still don’t know if you are getting my true intentions my dear South Indian parents.

But honestly, all I mean is just that we love you so much that we are feeling really guilty to live a fake life with you.

This blog is on behalf of so many kids and youngsters who wanna ask the same questions to their parents.

Hope you understand this blog in the intention it is meant.

Hope you help us be THE REAL TRUE SELF TO YOU*

*Conditions apply 


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