This blog is aimed straight at the parents of South India.

I have a few questions for you….

When was the last time you touched your spouse ??

How often do you touch them ??

Why don’t you touch them often ??

Do you ever realise how guilty it makes me to have come in between your love ??

You people say that I was the gift you received as a result of the love you both had for each other …

But today I feel guilty of having stolen that love in between you both….

At times I even start thinking, ” Had I not been born, you both would have had less financial commitments and would have strived more to retain the love between yo’ll than run behind money to give me a comfortable life ….

But before I complete now, I know that you will stop me saying

” Stop talking crap, it’s because of your birth that we actually started loving each other more “

Coz that’s how sweet you both are…

If what you are saying is true …. My question to you is straight….

What is stopping you from expressing your love to each other physically once I was born??

By physical, I mean even holding of hands, leaning on shoulders or even a hug ….

Why don’t you do it often like you both did before I was born??

Oh come on …. Don’t you remember …

You did every crazy thing possible thing at one point of time just to see a smile on the other’s face …. 😜😜

Touch 2.jpg


You fought against all odds just to hold the other’s hand at the end of the day…. 💑💑

You sneaked in those naughty looks and gestures , the meaning of which only u both knew 😙😉

And about those cute kisses that you exchanged faking those elders who belonged to a very stricter and orthodox generation than what we are today ….

Have you forgotten all those days ?? Altogether ??

How can you forget all this and carry on living like matured adults in our midst ??

I do understand the fact the intensity of expressing love physically reduces as you age and mature ( Just my assumption, YOU CAN DEFINITELY PROVE ME WRONG 😜😜 )

But completely having let go everything is something that is not acceptable ….

Enough is enough ” Parents of South India ”

It’s high time you start expressing your love to each other more than what you have been doing….

To the Fathers – Hold her hand more often so that your son can learn as to how to touch a girl….

To the Mothers – Take his shoulders, feel the love and show your daughter what to expect from a man….

And above all,

We never know how much time is left for any of us…

So “TOUCH“, my parents….. Touch each other more often ….. ❤️❤️

Seeing you love like before, our hearts as kids will soften …. ❤️❤️


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